KORALL is a Private Computer Technological and Merchandising Company established in 1990. Since then we have been providing high level technological services for companies and individuals mainly in Komárom-Esztergom county.

The fields of our activity:

  • merchandising computers, peripheral units and elements
  • merchandising system and catalogue softwares
  • computer technological services
  • merchandising telephone systems
  • telephone technological services
  • planning and installing LANs and WANs
  • system engineering and controlling services
  • computer technological consultancy

Based on this list above it can be seen that we intend to provide our customers with complex technological solutions, and we offer them most modern hardwares. Based on contracts we merchandise IBM, HP (COMPAQ), NEC, DELL, FUJITSU-SIEMENS, EPSON, BROTHER, CANON, PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG,  D-LINK, CISCO, SMC,  APC hardware elements, and sometimes we also service them. As a registered partner of MICROSOFT, ESET, CA, PANDA and SYMANTEC we merchandise and install their softwares.

The employees of our company are experts in computer technology, and most of them have been in the computer business for more than 20 years. Based on this expertise our company offers a wide range of services, besides traditional merchandising. We provide our services, preventive maintenance and different tasks of individual hardware development for standing and call-out charges. As a partner of SERCO Ltd. and formerly Albacomp Zrt. we are involved in nationwide service projectes.

For more than 10 years we have been planning and installing complete structural networks with a warranty of 5-25 years.We also undertake such tasks as the estimate and conversions of networks already existing if the users find them slow or uncertain. Where cabling is impossible, e.g. in a monument, or it may cause much trouble, we propose to instal a wireless network (WLAN). Of course we do not take the installation of the pysical network only, but we also provide the proper active elements (HUB, SWITCH, ROUTER…) based on the requirements of the customers. We also install UPS, and when activating them we keep the regulations of lightning protection. We are also doing the control of installed networks, if it’s required.

Since 1992 we have been building and servicing switchboards, telephones and faxes. First we started this activity with PANASONIC only nowadays we also deal with the products of SIEMENS, ERICSSON, CANON, BOSCH, TENOVIS, AVAYA, and ALCATEL. Today we can install switchboards with 2 or 300 extensions. The telephone systems built by us are complete ones with a counting system of big turnover, and DECT sound-post systems are also included. According to requirements we also build IP telephone systems, and we provide all the other services available.

We are always looking for the latest technological developments concerning all the fields in which we are interested.

The number of staff is 10, five employees have a degree in technology. Five colleagues are in charge of services. Three employees are responsible for merchandising, and two colleagues work in administration.

In order to fulfil the demands of the market since November 2001 we have had ISO 9001:2008 covering commercial and service activites as well as the installation of computer and telephone systems.

Based on contracts we merchandise and service:

As a registered partner we merchandise and install:

Switchboards, telephones and faxes products that we install and servicing